Tuesday, June 4, 2013

holiday stitching

instead of my usual ambitious holiday stitching (see last year's endeavor here), this year's holiday stitching should be a breeze!

while i LOVE the gratification of giving stitchy gifts to my family for christmas, it can get a bit expensive. so instead of trying to out-do myself each year and stitch for multiple family members, i decided that this year would be low key. 


these candy canes are so cute and festive, and i was green with envy watching all my cute blogger friends stitch them last year! i saved them for christmas 2013 which is perfect timing since my sister just graduated from UT, marking the end to my parents' "financial prison" as my dad so hysterically refers to it. 

the candy canes represent the schools attended in my immediate family. i think my mom will really love hanging these on the tree each year, or maybe on a garland!

don't worry, i bought the OU candy cane for my own tree. perhaps i sneak it in for this year?