Friday, June 28, 2013


i finished up the letters for the first candy cane (1 of 3 holiday gifts for my parents)

Carol Dupree TCU candy cane

i tried the beads i have in my stash, but the size 11's weren't looking right. a trip to the lns will fix that! i'll save the bead-work for my two candy canes, since i'm not entirely certain my mother will know how to properly store these needlepoint creations, so i'm keeping it simple. 

1 down. 4 more to go! since i already have my purple and white thread out, i'm going to try busting through the other tcu cane this weekend. deja vu stitching anyone?

have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Candy canes are lovely! I might suggest that you get your MIL something to store them in and give that to her when you give her the canes. She can then put the candy canes in the box you've provided and put with the rest of her decorations.

    I had an unfortunate accident with some of my Christmas needlework that got put away improperly and stored in the basement.