Tuesday, June 25, 2013

starting the candy cane countdown

 this weekend found me switching gears from the nativity to this year's crop of holiday gifts!

Carol Dupree TCU candy cane

i completed all the stitching for the candy cane "body" and now find myself in a quandary. i'd like to bead the letters, but i also want to switch white threads. do i save myself the trouble of trying to find the right shade of white and just continue with the silk lame? 

in other news, this stitched up remarkably fast, and i'm fairly positive that once i find the answer i'm looking for with the center portion, these canes will stitch up for the holidays in no time!

question for those of you who have stitched these before: did you stitch extra rows for the finisher, or leave as is?


  1. I left mine as is and they all turned out great. Also, I like the idea of cashmere all the way through!

    1. i thought of that too! i'll play around with it!

  2. I stitched mine as is too and they're perfect!