Monday, June 24, 2013

tnna market love

so many great canvases and products have been coming out of the columbus market and with the speedy and up-to-the-minute nature of social media, we are able to enjoy everything much more quickly!

 there's more sorority swag to stitch!
 via Peacock Alley FB 

via What's the Point FB 

"i want a hippopotamus for christmas"

Labors of Love via What's the Point FB

via What's the Point FB

i've always loved these canvases

& more via What's the Point FB


love the new melissa shirley heart tree!

what are your favorites so far?


  1. Ewe and Eye's Spring Baskets. Jonesing it for something awful. Have you purchased any of the above???

    1. i wish! i'm really trying to be good this time!