Wednesday, June 19, 2013

sorority canvas love

 earlier this year i caught myself drooling over steph's precious little chi omega heart by painted pony. i knew i had to have one. lucky me when pocket full of stitches had a painted pony trunk show that i was able to snag this for a great deal!

let's also not forget that this little lady has been on my 2013 stitch list...

let's also try and forget that i graduated from college 5 years ago and have no business having 3 sorority ornaments on my christmas tree, but i can't help it. they're just too darn cute!

(first kkg ornament seen here)


  1. We stitch what we love. It's no surprise to me that you loved your college sorority days and want to stitch something that returns your heart there.

  2. I am a Delta Gamma and have 2 DG daughters......we will soon have a tree with just anchors and Delta Gamma ornaments.....go for it, you may have a legacy someday!

    1. my mom, sister and i are all KKG's! love it!

  3. PS have you checked out the Besty B stuff? Tre cute!