Thursday, June 13, 2013

sneak peek...

i'm not quite done with the elephant's skin, but i thought i'd show you a sneak peek in progress!

Princess & Me nativity

i went rogue and decided to bead the red dots on his headdress instead of french knots like the stitch guide called for. i'm a rebel :)

stitching the first layer of skin with dmc floss in the souffle stitch, then will go back and add kreinik to the remaining open canvas.

look at that cute trunk! let's hope i can get this finished up this weekend!


  1. So very very cute! Had forgotten about the souffle stitch. Where can I use that? Hmm....

  2. I have not beaded before. On the elephant's headdress, diid you stitch the area first, then add the beads, or did you bead the appropriate holes, and then stitch?