Thursday, July 5, 2012

happy monday, i mean thursday!

i keep thinking it's monday morning since yesterday's day off felt like the weekend! i hope everyone had a fabulous july 4 holiday. we didn't do much here, watched some fireworks but they scared cricket, haha. 

i managed to stitch on some projects and begin the process of pulling all my threads from mr. nutcracker to use for mrs. nutcracker. 

Susan Roberts needlepoint nutcracker stocking

i'm glad i saved most of my threads, i'm not sure i could have remembered them all! i made a shopping list for the ones that need reinforcements, as well as the areas that need new threads altogether.

i did some internet research yesterday and remembered ruth schmuff working on "poinsettia lady" (blog posting here) voila! i know what technique i will be using for my poinsettias!

i found a pretty brocade stitch that will be nice for the white portion of her dress. i'll have to experiment a little and make sure the different stitches for the purple and white portions of her dress complement each other. 

the part i'm stuck on is her hair. traditionally ladies wore those beautiful hand woven gold filament "hair nets" under their hats (or in this case, crown). the area is not that large so i'm going to take my time thinking about how to best stitch her hair-do.

Susan Roberts needlepoint nutcracker stocking

here's the current status of me lady. i'm using the leftovers in my stash from frederick, so they will match. i love how it's starting to take shape and can't wait to continue!

Linda Lahm beach totes

can't leave this guy out! finished the straps up yesterday morning. 


  1. LOVE the bow! Such awesome stitches you picked out for that. For the woman's hair did you consider stitching the actual hair in tent stitch and doing a gold ribbon type for the gold parts, like Flair or Frosty Rays? You could lay it criss cross across the lines and it would look woven sort of like hair net.

  2. i definitely want to lay the gold threads criss cross like a hair net! love your idea danielle!

  3. So cute and so much potential. Can't wait to see more. Do you follow She stitched Queen Elizabeth and there is a picture on her blog for ideas.

  4. Love the bow! Love your fearless stitching!