Thursday, July 26, 2012

seriously...there's more?!

is there some sort of stitchers anonymous meetings that i can attend? 

cricket's stocking, the bold painted areas will lend themselves for some decorative stitches!

who doesn't love carol dupree? her santas are so precious, and this one will be an easy stitch.
boomer sooner!

carol dupree sorority angel

fabulous carol dupree tcu candy cane. colleen has ordered an oklahoma one for me as well. for my parent's ornaments next year i'd like to do 3 of these candy canes for our family's schools. (my brother and i went to oklahoma, my sister went to texas, and my parents went to tcu).

ornament i got at geez leweez while vacationing in sanibel. i may switch some of the colors, but it's a fun memento to commemorate our time there every summer.

got this beautiful kathryn molineux canvas for $10 on ebay! it's extremely hard to find australian shepherds in needlepoint, they're not one of the more popular breeds to paint. so when i saw this i jumped. while i go back and forth on how to finish it (ornament or stand-up), i think it will be a fun project with lots of furry stuff!

hello my name is katherine and i am a stitch-a-holic...


  1. Hello, Katherine. You are one among many. After all the NP Group on Facebook has 700 odd members!

    1. jane, which NP group on FB? i'd love to join!

    2. It's just called needlepoint group. You have to be added by someone you are friends with. Friend me, Stephanie Ashworth, Austin, TX, and I will add you. You have to be approved by Jane, who proctors the page, but I think they will let you in. Love the rest of your stash. I just did that TCU candy cane for my nephew who is attending TCU. Did a SMU one as well. Very quick and fun. It's somewhere on my blog. Happy Stitching!

  2. Welcome to the club! Some people collect teacups. Some people collect stamps. It appears I collect needlepoint canvases.

  3. Check out some of my recent stash photos. I have not even put on my blog the other 8 nativity pieces! I have recently told myself "No more canvas purchases" until I make a dent in my stash and then there I am again. It doesn't help to see all of these darling projects! I'm glad you found a stocking for Cricket. I did one for my Schnauzer, Sophie that I love but have never found one for my cream colored poodle.

  4. I think we all have a problem. ;) One of my favorite saying canvases is "She Who Dies With the Most Needlepoint Wins". I'm only in my mid-30s but I already know I have more canvases (and thread!) in my stash than I'll be able to finish in my lifetime. Here's a small sample I posted to my blog earlier this year. I need to do a follow up to show the new canvases I've acquired since this post.