Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a year already?

tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary since we picked up little cricket from the farm outside of tyler, tx. we bought all the supplies, read all the books and watched our puppy play with her litter on the webcam. 

she was the only female blue merle in her litter. the one we had dreamed of. the one i had been on the wait list for. our breeder almost didn't let us have her because she was so beautiful!

i never dreamed how much i could love this little thing, that my heart would grow infinitely over this past year, that being a "mommy" to her made my soul content. 

yes, cricket's just a dog, and no i don't have children, so i don't really understand the capacity of how much your entire life changes with a baby, and how your love grows...but she's my baby for right now.

this girl has been my sole companion, my shadow and my best friend. she's cuddled with me under the covers when i felt lonely, kept me busy playing frisbee and going on walks to the levee, and given me unconditional love even when i didn't deserve it. 

she is my child, part of me, and while it may have only been a year that we've had with her so far, i can't remember what our lives were like without her. she makes me whole. 

i love you little!


  1. Cricket is a miniature australian shepherd, but she's in the same herding group as border collies!

  2. Very cute. The best dog we ever had was a border collie. I still miss that dog. We are down to one cat. At one time, the animals outnumbered the humans 2 to 1!
    Happy Fourth of July!

  3. We have Georgie who is a nearly 3 year old Yorkie. I love him as much as you love Cricket. Isn't it great! Georgie is our second Yorkie and we got him when our third and last child was in high school. He has been my companion this year and has helped me survive my last child going off to college. I totally get Cricket! I'm glad you have her!