Wednesday, July 25, 2012

stash chat - kits

these are all the kits i have with stitch guides and thread suggestions. i love being challenged via stitch guides, it forces me to break out and try something different. they also teach me how to really look at a blank canvas and take my time selecting the perfect stitches. 

princess and me "katy pig". i love princess and me ornaments and their stitch guides are always so perfect. 

princess and me "crab salad". i'm a sucker for stripes, and the crab will always be a fun reminder of my life in new orleans.

raymond crawford heart. i die for this canvas. absolutely die. it has everything i love. mackenzie childs-esque harlequin checks and a beautiful bow. i would like to get about 5 more of this exact one and put them on a garland to tie in with my mackenzie childs themed christmas tree. 

raymond crawford bone. going to put cricket's name in the middle!

one of annie's fabulous new orleans themed ornament kits of our famous water meter covers. she has so many that i would still love to purchase! 


  1. You are going to be one busy girl. Good thing he is busy with school work. I have been the wife of a law student and the mother of a law student. I always did my husbands typing while he was on Law Review as managing editor. I really did learn a lot!. But, I didn't always have time to needlepoint, I had grad school at the same time and teaching high school. I still have a canvas, hanging in my sewing room, that took me as long as school took. About three years. Enjoy these years and all of your needlepoint.


    1. i have nightmares about not getting this completed...and then what happens when we have kids?! that's a whole new stash to stitch! if only i could stitch as my full-time job haha!

    2. I couldn't wait to have that first baby so I could quit working and stitch. Someone should have told me how much time that kid would take up! They have both been worth it and I will say that I got more done when they were little. I think being pressed for time makes you use it more wisely.
      I love your stash. You seem to put a lot of thought in to each and every canvas. Good for you.

    3. thanks steph! i agree with you on being pressed for time. i make internal deadlines for myself to finish projects, and it seems to make me a lot more efficient than when i approach something as "i'll get to this when i get to it". we are all too familiar with that!