Thursday, July 19, 2012

texas bound tomorrow!

progress picked up during the technicolor lightning storm we had last night. i love stitching when it's raining outside, it sets a nice rhythm. 

Susan Roberts needlepoint nutcracker stocking

started on her two-tone fur coat lining in very velvet. it's hard to see the pattern (pavillion diamonds) but once i do the back stitching in krenik, it will be more noticeable. 

the stitch is great because you can cover so much ground in a short period of time, and i love running my fingers over the velvet. but this thread is a b*$^# with dog hair and the cut turkey work on the coat.

next week i have family coming to visit me so stitching will be a distant memory, but i do have some fun posts lined up!


  1. I love the diamond pavillion. Great choice for the lining. Have a great time at your anniversary celebration.

  2. Your piece is beautiful! I love your stitch choices. Have a great time on your trip and with your visitors!