Wednesday, July 11, 2012

stitch snob?

lately i've been reflecting on my stitching goals for the year, and perusing through my stash to make sure everything is on the list and accounted for. after years of faithfully reading all my favorite needlepoint blogs in the community, i've come to the realization that i may be a bit of a stitch snob!

while i have never denied myself of purchasing the canvas and threads my heart so desires, at the same time i keep in mind that by purchasing said canvas and thread means that it will be completed and finished. no question. as everyone is acutely aware, this is not a cheap hobby. while it gives me joy and instant gratification to see what my hands can create, it is not a hobby for impulse shoppers or those who can't finish a project. 

after reading everyone's blogs and salivating over your beautiful work, it has made me reflect on my own stitching habits and how careful i am to purchase big projects, or any canvas that could throw my stash off course. i have a set needlepoint "life plan" if you will, and i intend to stick to it.

i don't want to be the crazy stitch lady that has a million frames and pillows everywhere. where our dining room chairs are all covered in basket-woven seats. where visitors are not allowed to sit near or touch anything because heaven forbid the thread comes in contact with a human being. i made it clear that my stitching was primarily for holidays, gifts, and maybe a few scattered projects here and there. 

i envy other stitchers that can pick up a blank painted canvas, not entirely sure of what it is going to become, and just stitch without abandon. my type-A controlling nature always manifests itself  through my stitching, in that i always need to have a finishing plan for my canvas. 

really i think what makes me a stitch snob is my taste in projects. i run away from primitive, folksy pieces and head screaming for the hills from geometric contemporary canvas. i have my set favorite designers and style, and i stick to them. i try and think about how the canvas will look in 15 years, will it be completely out of style and outdated? 

i've come to terms with the fact that i am a stitch snob, or a stitch bitch. but i like it that way. i may not be the most adventurous stitcher that goes out of her comfort zone with different canvases and designers, and that's ok. i'm content knowing that each and every stitched piece in our home was made with 100% love and no second-guessing. 


  1. I know exactly what you mean! My mom loves classic needlepoint and orders some of her canvases from Ehrman Tapestry. I ordered one that my daughter loved- " My Sore" by Annabel Nellist- it is 15x17 and features Architecture from India. I said I would complete it for her for college graduation- which is in one year!! It is all in tent stitch and not my favorite project and I feel guilty that I don't want to work on it. Like you, I have my canvas completion plan and keep buying canvases I love when I still have so many to complete! My husband made me promise no more clubs after last year's nativity- 4 completed with the stitch guides! My newest insanity purchase- a class in Dallas for Sept. for Raymond Crawford's gingerbread man- which will be perfect with my gingerbread themed tree. I need to get control and make a plan! It gives me comfort to know there are other needlepoint obsessed people out there. I enjoy your blog!

    1. i keep telling my husband that i should just quit my job and needlepoint full-time. the sad thing is i have enough projects to make that a reality!!!

  2. I am first of all, thrilled that you are a stitcher at all, much less such an organized, dedicated, disciplined one. That being said, I have given up on the disciplined part. I try not to, and usually do not make impulse canvass purchases. But, if a canvass speaks to me and I can't get it off of my mind, well I will buy it. I may not have a plan, in fact I probably don't have a plan but I buy it anyway! And I don't have nearly the stitching years left you do! I am proud of you though!

  3. Having a plan and sticking with it is something I hope you never lose. I lost it a while back. I think along the same lines as my friend, Anne Bloom. I try not to make impulse buys, but if I can't stop thinking about it, it usually makes it's way in to my house. I try not to let it happen too often because like said friend, I don't have as many stitching years left as you do!
    I also think you should quit your job and needlepoint full time. Husbands can really be dreambusters sometimes. Mine said I could stitch all day once the house was paid for. How much do you think I could get for his bicycle?