Monday, July 9, 2012

this little piggy

Patti Mann needlepoint pig on its way to memphis where amy and her girls are going to provide stitch and thread selections! i purchased this beautiful patti mann ornament almost a year ago and immediately knew i wanted amy's expertise in selecting stitches and threads. there is so much potential and i can't wait to see what the golden strand girls come up with! 

Susan Roberts needlepoint nutcracker stocking

the verdict on francesca's bustle? (yes, i named her this weekend) it's a yes! i finished up the right side before the weekend and after my thread-extravaganza at the lns, i'm ready to continue on the rest of her! i picked up some really amazing ideas for her dress and am itching to put them to use.

Linda Lahm beach totes

1 down, 5 to go! i finished up the first of the linda lahm tote bags on saturday. of course my eye is drawn to the area where i had to tent stitch around the name, but i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. even though it's a small area and there's not a lot of room for decorative stitches, i tried to make it as fun as it would let me! i padded and stitched the beach ball with neon rays to give it the shiny plastic look, then added memory thread for the bucket's handle. i really enjoyed working the background in the brick stitch, sometimes getting back to basics gives you the most beautiful results! 

i'm plugging along on my next tote, and will switch off between those and my stocking. it's a really nice medley and i'm super motivated with so many different projects going on simultaneously!


  1. You are a wild woman! I love how you go for it. The tote is so cute. You did a great job. Your piggy will be so fantastic. I am going to Amy's in October for her last ANU. Boohoo about that, but can't wait to see them all. The purple dress looks very regal and queen-like. I can't wait to see more.

    1. i am still giggling over your comment! you're too sweet